MyCase Tips & Tricks

  • Use the dashboard to see a feed of all your recent activity.
  • The workflows feature can help you create templates for repetitive tasks.
  • The document assembly feature works with Microsoft Word to automate standard legal documents.
  • You can accept payments through MyCase payments.
  • Use the client portal to communicate securely with clients.

Like many law practice management software programs, MyCase has a tabbed user interface. This should feel familiar to anyone who has used web-based software. The dashboard contains shortcuts for most common tasks, like adding a case, a contact, or a time entry. It also has an integrated calendar and allows you to track time and create invoices for billing.

The dashboard also features a feed of recent activity, in case you want to keep tabs on what the rest of the firm is doing, and widgets for upcoming tasks and appointments, pulled from your task list and calendar, respectively. The feed of recent activity is most useful if you have a very small firm (two or three people). Fewer, and the feed will not be very interesting. More, and it will probably move too fast to be useful.

There is also an always-visible dock at the bottom with shortcuts for the date calculator, email integration, and access to MyCase’s app bar, which are various MyCase integrations like QuickBooks and Outlook Sync.

Apart from the dashboard and dock MyCase pretty much does the things all practice management software does, with a few things that are worth highlighting.

  • MyCase’s Workflows feature is really well-implemented, and makes it easy to create templates for tasks and appointments.
  • The legal document assembly allows you to use Microsoft Word templates to automate the creation of standard legal documents such as client engagement letters.
  • The date calculator (in the dock) is handy for quickly calculating due dates (although it does not account for holidays, so use it carefully).
  • You can accept trust account–compatible e-check (ACH) payments from your clients with MyCase Payments.
  • Client communication is handled through a secure portal, which is something that all law practice management software should now have.
  • Credit card payments have a flat 3% transaction fee.