MyCase Pricing & Setup

  • 30-day free trial (no credit card required).
  • $39/user/month.
  • Importing cases and contacts from other law practice management software is possible, but see below for details.


MyCase costs $39/user/month.

This is generally less expensive than the other major, well-established cloud-based law practice management software programs out there. The difference in pricing between attorney and staff is a nice touch and helps solo and small attorneys to keep costs a bit lower.

Migrating to MyCase

You can import matters and contacts into MyCase, but you will largely have to do it yourself. MyCase does, however, offer chat and email support to assist you with migrating your data.

MyCase has guides for importing cases and contacts. If your current practice management software will export your data into a CSV (comma-separated value) or spreadsheet format (most will), MyCase can import it. However, the process can be a bit clunky if you have a lot of cases, particularly because MyCase recommends only importing a maximum of 400 records at a time.

Additionally, you can’t load data directly into MyCase from your CSV file or spreadsheet. Instead, you copy that data into MyCase’s case import spreadsheet and then import that into MyCase itself. The spreadsheet has a limited number of fields, so you will probably have to leave some data behind.