MyCase Apps, Sync & Integrations

  • Apps for iOS and Android.
  • Sync contacts and calendars with Outlook and Google.
  • QuickBooks integration.

Mobile Apps

MyCase has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. With the app, lawyers get most of the functionality of MyCase in the browser, in a touch-friendly package. Both apps are universal, meaning they work on both phones and tablets. Users can access the calendar and add new events, call or email contacts within the app, view documents, take notes, and create and edit time entries and expenses.

The iOS app was recently updated to be compatible with iOS 10, but reviews of the app are not great, with people noting difficulty saving data and problems sending emails. Similar problems appear to exist with the Android version. There, users say that they don’t have some of the same features—like access to notes and tasks—that appear in the iOS version.

Sync & Integrations

MyCase has several integrations. You can sync contacts and calendars with Outlook and you can sync calendars with Google Calendar. MyCase also has an email integration feature where you can forward emails to a private email address, then associate those emails with a specific case within the software. (You could probably even automate this using filters in Gmail or Outlook.)

There is also a QuickBooks sync add-on. You can sync time and expense entries and trust and non-trust retainers.

MyCase is otherwise shallow when it comes to sync and integrations, apparently by design.