MyCase is affordably priced law practice management software for firms looking for a streamlined law-firm productivity tool for firms that don’t need it to integrate with a lot of third-party software.

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MyCase Highlights

MyCase helps you manage cases, track time, automate billing, and communicate with your clients. You can create templates for tasks and appointments with MyCase’s easy-to-use Workflows feature and keep your case documents well-organized by creating folders and subfolders to house your information. Small teams can keep tabs on what the rest of the firm is up to via the real-time activity feed. An always-visible “dock” at the bottom of the dashboard helps you quickly access the date calculator, email integration, timekeeping, and anything else you’d like to add. Although MyCase lacks full accounting capabilities, you can still send professional invoices and accept online payments with MyCase, including no-charge eCheck payments.

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android mean you can stay on top of important matters and squeeze in work wherever you are. Communication with clients is always updated in real-time, so you never feel like you’re missing out when you’re not at the office.

When it comes to additional integrations, you can set up QuickBooks sync yourself for free. However, MyCase is relatively light on other app integrations.


MyCase is $39/user/month (if billed annually) or $49/user/month (if billed monthly), which is less expensive than any of the other well-established cloud-based law practice management software options.


Starting Price
Web app
iOS app
Android app
Email Client
Client/Contact Mgmt
Case/Matter Mgmt
Task Management
Secure Portal
Conflict Checking
Document Mgmt
Document Assembly
Billing & Invoicing
Online Payments
Trust Accounting
Basic Bookkeeping
Full Accounting

Things You Might Want to Know

Secure communication portal. MyCase has a secure client portal for sending messages and sharing documents with clients. Following best practices, when you send a message or share a file within MyCase the system sends out a notice by email, but not the substance of the communication itself.

Just be sure not to include confidential information in the subject line. On receiving a notification, the client must log into MyCase to get their message or document. This makes using the client portal a bit more work than plain email, obviously, but it is effective.

Apps. MyCase has mobile apps for iOS and Android that offer most of the functionality of the web app. Notably, however, the apps are rated poorly as of this update—just 2 stars in the iOS App Store, and 2.5 stars in Google Play.

Limited integrations. MyCase syncs contacts and calendars with Outlook, and calendars with Google Calendar. There is also a QuickBooks sync add-on for time and expense entries and trust and non-trust retainers. MyCase is otherwise short on options for sync and integration, apparently by design.

Migrating. You can import matters and contacts into MyCase yourself, and you can get help via chat and email if you need it. MyCase recommends importing a maximum of 400 records at a time, which can get clunky if you have a lot of cases and contacts to import. And as with most practice management software, you probably won’t be able to import all your data, because MyCase may not have the same fields as the software from which you are importing.

Security. MyCase is built on Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers, which are protected by military-grade perimeters, and Amazon strictly controls physical access. MyCase also uses Amazon’s storage for data redundancy and backup. Your data is secured in transit and at rest with “bank-grade” encryption, and two-factor authentication is available.

Backup. MyCase backs up your data regularly, and backing up your MyCase data yourself is simple. You can download a CSV file any time, with all your data, all open files, or just the cases you are linked to. While you can only do this once per day, that should be enough for most firms.

Who MyCase Is For

MyCase is a good fit for firms looking for basic, reliable, and affordable law practice management software. Because MyCase offers few integrations with third-party software (QuickBooks being a notable exception), it’s probably not a good fit for firms that rely on integration with third-party software.

Originally published 2017-01-10. Last updated 2018-07-20.

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One Review of MyCase

  1. Josh Camson says:

    Better Price, Fewer Unnecessary Bells, and Easy to Use

    I have been using MyCase since 2012 when I opened my firm. The software is easy to use and does everything we need. It has one feature that no other software seems to be able to handle: it allows a third-party to be designated the billing contact and receive/pay all invoices.

    The down side to MyCase is that it lacks many of the tie-ins that Clio and other alternatives offer. Beyond calendar, email, and Quickbooks synchronization, there isn’t much. No Dropbox, Zapier, Ruby, or LawPay.

    But this lack of tie-ins also makes MyCase incredibly easy to use. They have their own payment platform with competitive rates and no monthly fees.

    Possibly most important: MyCase is almost half the price of Clio and other competitors, assuming you have an ABA discount. Even without the discount it is still a better value.

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