CosmoLex Security, Backup & Encryption

  • Bank-grade security.
  • Secure client communication portal.
  • Regular backups.
  • You can export all your data to a CSV file and download it.


CosmoLex protects all data traveling between your computer and CosmoLex’s server using 256-bit SSL encryption, which is bank-grade security. All CosmoLex servers are located in the United States and, CosmoLex notes, are subject to U.S. jurisdiction. This may be a plus or a minus depending on your viewpoint.

CosmoLex has McAfee run a third-party security audit every 24 hours, and a third-party penetration test from May 2016 found “no exploitable vulnerabilities ‚Ķ that could compromise customer data.”

CosmoLex also offers role-based user security, which means that different users can be assigned different access rights and roles.

To its credit, CosmoLex is quite transparent about its security features.


CosmoLex backs up your data every four hours, and keeps multiple, redundant, encrypted backups in several locations.

However, there is no way to download a copy of your data.