Clio was the first major player in the online practice management space to sync with Outlook, and now Clio and Time59 announce iPhone compatibility. Neither offer a true iPhone app; instead, both have iPhone-optimized sites (despite Clio’s confusing blog entry). This is a good thing, in my opinion. Gmail’s iPhone-optimized site is better than any e-mail app I have seen, including Apple’s own.

To go with the iPhone-optimized website, Clio has also announce websites optimized for Android and the Palm Pre. Time59 is just for the iPhone, for now.

Update: Larry Port of Rocket Matter reminded me that his company has been offering an iPhone-optimized website since March 2008, and also supports the Palm Pre and Android.

(photo: Time59)


  1. Cliff Lange says:

    Did you know that LexisNexis has an iPhone app that allows you to research and Shepardize? It’s free too which is very cool. All you need is an active account with Lexis and then to download the app on your phone.

  2. Amy Eisenstein says:

    Time59 seems to work fine on my Android phone.

  3. Amy, glad to hear Time59 is working for you on your Android phone. While we have not dialed it in specifically for the Android platform, a lot of what we did for the iPhone carries over. In eary 2010 we will address the Android platform directly and you should see even better performance.

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