Law Office Management Assistance Programs (LOMAP)

Looking for legal marketing & practice management resources? See if your state bar has a Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP). Many lawyers complain that their state bar provides little to no information on business development and practice management. The state bar websites listed below paint a very different picture. In fact, several have comprehensive Law Office Management Assistance Programs. One that I find to be particularly informative is Massachusetts LOMAP. I encourage you to explore their site, watch the presentations, and listen to their podcasts.

Here are some more helpful resources that I was able to find:

New Mexico
New York
South Carolina

As good as these resources are, unfortunately, there are still many state bars that lack even basic guidance on a variety of important topics related to practice management and marketing.

Worse yet, several sites that I came across protect information behind member logins. While I am sympathetic to the need of these organizations to raise money for operation, in my humble opinion, the first priority of bar associations ought to be aiding the profession, including attorneys from other states.

In this ultra-competitive landscape in which law schools continue to churn out lawyers-to-be, effective business development and practice management skills may be among the most important a young lawyer has to survive. And yet, most lawyers with whom I have spoken agree that there is very little instruction regarding these matters both in law school and in other professional organizations and associations.

Is it because lawyers don’t value these skills? Or is it because they don’t want to aid the competition? Or is their another reason?

With all the recent focus on ethics as they pertain to business development, practice management, and technology, one might expect that we would see a lot more in terms of lawyers, as well as, professional organizations and associations, helping other lawyers understand how to effectively and ethically use these technologies. Instead, from what I have seen, there is a lot of fear mongering and silence when it comes to actually teaching lawyers how to successfully and ethically develop and manage their practices.



  1. Avatar William says:

    Thanks El, I was going to do the same thing.

  2. Thanks very much for the shout out, Gyi! We work very hard to provide relevant information for our constituent attorneys, and I am glad that you found our site, and related resources, to be useful.

    Just one small point: our program is not affiliated with the Massachusetts Bar Association. We are a program of the Massachusetts lawyers’ assistance program: Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers.

    As you indicate, there are a number of LOMAP-type programs across the United States and Canada. Most are affiliated with bar associations, but some are not. Here’s the full list:

    Once again, thanks for spreading the word, re: our program, and others like ours.

    Jared D. Correia, Esq.
    Law Practice Advisor
    Massachusetts LOMAP

  3. Avatar Justin Morton says:

    Oregon has great practice management resources through their PLF.

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