There are plenty of ways to promote your firm through a social media campaign: creating a firm Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a blog. You can also run a Google Adwords campaign, which will make your firm appear in Google search results as an ad.

Twitter has added another dimension to search results—recent tweets will also appear, including sponsored tweets. Should your firm invest in them?

What are sponsored tweets?

When you search for something on Google, you can select what types of results appear—images, news, and even updates. If you choose updates, you will get a running updates of tweets that mention a hashtag or word/topic.

A sponsored tweet will appear at the top of the list (in purple and identified as an ad). In essence, it is another way to get a high profile on one type of a Google search.

Should you pay for them?

I have no information about what Twitter charges for sponsored tweets. Like any other form of advertising, the ends have to justify the means. If you pay $500 a month to be the first firm listed under “DWI” updates and you get one client every four months, it may not be worth it.

The GLF gets a fair amount of potential clients from Google searches, but I am not sure clients would find it through a search of recent Twitter updates.

That said, depending on your client base, it could be a good place to advertise. If your clients are frequent social media users, they may view searching updates as a reliable way to find information—including a law firm. However, if people are not tweeting about your law firm and the only result is a sponsored tweet, that is unlikely to generate much interest.

Until more people start using Twitter as a way to discuss their legal options, this form of advertising is unlikely to pay large dividends for law firms.

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