One of the things I am committed to supporting lawyers to do is make change… and for lawyers that can be hard. Well, for all people that can be hard. But, especially for lawyers because it means stepping out into the unknown and that’s really hard for us generally speaking.

Many of us went to law school because we were risk averse or law school made us that way.

Change requires risk.

So, I’d like to try and ameliorate some of that risk for you by showing you what one lawyer’s journey has looked like over the past few months. I’m also going to break down the anatomy of a phenomenal marketing campaign he has created around this change.

Now, before I tell you about the whole campaign, I want to tell you about the lawyer.

A Successful New Law Firm Business Model

Scott has made a major investment in his business growth in the last year and his progress is truly amazing me. He’s a business lawyer focusing on the real estate community.

But, when we first started talking he was just a general business lawyer taking whatever came in the door. He’s been in business for 15 years, spinning his wheels, day after day and not getting anywhere, really. All he could see was more of the same, more of the same, more the same. Retirement wasn’t an option. Heck, vacations and time off when sick were barely options.

He contacted me because he was finally ready to make a change. We talked about how it would be difficult and he’d need to invest money and step out of his comfort zone. He said he was ready. He just couldn’t keep doing things the same way anymore.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about whether he would really do it. But, holy majoly, he’s doing it!

So I wanted to break down for you a little bit of what he’s doing so you can see that YOU can do it too!

Identify Your Niche

First of all, we decided to re-brand him to focus on the real estate community—developers, builders and agents—based on his own past experiences and expertise.

Now, he’s writing a report with a very catchy title that people in that community are going to want because it’s going to save them from getting their “ass taken by greedy lawyers and homeowners”. Something like that. He wrote the title and postcard together so you know it’s something really good and provocative. (Scott may tone it down a bit at the end of the day, but it will still be compelling.)

He’s got a complete marketing campaign to get that report out there and get him branded in his community as the guy to call if you are a developer, builder or real estate agent.

We have a basic presentation for him to do in real estate agent sales meetings and a full asset protection presentation for him to do at meetings of developers and builders.

And now he’s working on a follow-up campaign to the people who request the report designed to get them into his office for a meeting during which he will use his client engagement process to engage nearly all of them on a flat fee or recurring revenue based relationship.

Booya, a lawyer who has gone from the old, outdated marketing merry-go-round, cash-flow-roller-coaster, going-nowhere model of law practice to a lawyer who is building a business he will be able to sell one day.

He’s energized, excited and on track to love his clients, his business and his life.

It’s been a lot of hard work, stepping out of his comfort zone (he’s even having an interview recorded with Brian Tracy!), and he’s invested quite a bit of money.

But, he was already working hard, uncomfortable in his stuckness, and losing money every month that he kept doing things the old way.

So he decided to start going forward instead of backwards.

Are you ready yet?

How to Get Started

Scott’s journey began when he said yes to himself by stepping out of his comfort zone and becoming a Creative Business Lawyer.

Membership in that program is not open right now, but you can start with my Client Engagement System if you are ready to make a change.

One lawyer who started there recently and wishes to remain anonymous recently said on our Client Engagement System open coaching call this week:

“I profited enough just with the new business I closed today to more than pay for the whole system.”

An estate planning attorney in Massachusetts said:

“With just the profits from clients engaged today I have paid for your system. I have also been able to increase my client retention rate and decrease appointment cancellations while simultaneously raising my fees between 10-20%.”

That’s exactly what I love to hear. It works for every lawyer who uses it. What’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Break free of that and start loving your practice, your life and your clients again.

We’ve got a special offer right now. You can get it for $1,500 off until Tuesday.

It’s here:


This post is written by former Lawyerist contributor Alexis Neely

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