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Highlights from the Lawyerist Sites Network

These posts come from the law blogs hosted by Lawyerist Sites.

Real Numbers on Starting a Law Practice

A blogger going by Florida Esq. has been documenting his experiences starting a law firm, first on Reddit, then on Associates Mind. Lawyers are always eager to make themselves look successful, so I always like seeing real numbers. It’s helpful perspective when you are trying to figure out how your own firm is doing.

Florida Esq. opened his practice in January, and you can follow along with the series or just read the latest installment, for May. [Associates Mind]

An Interview with John Grisham

ReplyAll’s Zach Abramowitz spent the week having a slow-moving conversation with legal novelist John Grisham. They covered Grisham’s miserableness as a lawyer, fee-gouging and padding at BigLaw, the legal system, and more. (Aside: This is my first encounter with ReplyAll, and I’m not impressed with the user experience. It’s claustrophobic.) [Above the Law]

How to Prepare for the Future of Law

On Thursday, in the Lab, I started what’s turned into a great discussion about how new lawyers should be preparing for the future of law practice. On Friday, Carolyn Elefant wrote a post asking the same question for “seasoned” lawyers, including her own two cents on what lawyers ought to be doing. [My Shingle]

Careful What You Ask For

One lawyer refused to cooperate with an ethics investigation in New York, saying “I will not be filing an answer to the complaint or otherwise participate[]; in this investigation … So go ahead and disbar me for failure to cooperate.” So he was suspended. (I really think he should have been disbarred, though, since that was his request.) [Legal Profession Blog]

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