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ABA Journal Modern Law Library: “Teamsters Lawyer Pens Children’s Book to Show Importance of the Labor Movement”

For this episode of Modern Law Library, host Lee Rawles talked with Mark Torres. Torres is the general counsel for Teamsters Union Local 810, but he’s also an author. He published his debut crime novel, A Stirring in the North Fork, in 2015. He recently published a bilingual children’s book. Good Guy Jake, which aims to teach children about the importance of labor unions, the middle class, social justice, and charity.

On the Road: “ABA Midyear 2018: Is Online Dispute Resolution a Reality?”

Legal Talk Network’s On the Road went to the ABA Midyear conference and hosts Adriana Linares and John Stewart talked with Colin Rule about the potential uses of online dispute resolution Rule is vice president for online dispute resolution at Tyler Technologies and was previously director of online dispute resolution for eBay and PayPal. They discuss whether online dispute resolution is an access to justice solution and whether it could streamline the court process.

Atlanta Monster: “The Boogeyman”

The host of Atlanta Monster, Payne Lindsey, previously hosted Up and Vanished, which explored a 12-year-old cold case, the murder of Tara Grinstead. The podcast helped break the case open, and now two arrests have been made. Lindsey has now turned his attention to the Atlanta Child Murders. From 1979-1981, at least 28 people, most of them children, were murdered in Atlanta. Atlanta Monster examines those disappearances and murders with a fresh eye. Start with episode 1, “The Boogeyman,” and binge all the way to episode 6, “The Splash,” while you wait for the remaining four episodes to drop.

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