Hello all, I’m very excited to finally join the team here at Lawyerist. I’ll be writing in the areas of work-life balance and practice management – specifically alternative billing models for working with other entrepreneurs.

Often, people accuse me of not being a “typical” lawyer. I’m cool with that. It probably comes from having a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design as an undergraduate degree and not going to law school until I was over 30. I’ve never worked in a big firm. I went from getting sworn in to picking up my solo-practice business cards. I’ve learned a few things the hard way and I’ll share those lessons with you here.

Fuel the Spark: 5 Guiding Values for Success in Law School and Beyond was my first book. I wrote it to help law students avoid the assumptions that can trap them into a career they hate. Then I was asked to write a version of that book for practicing attorneys. It’s titled Fuel the Spark: 5 Guiding Values for Success in Law & Life. I’m lucky to get to share that content with lawyers around the country in half-day CLE Ethics workshops. We’ll get into that content a bit here.

Over the past year, I’ve been able to virtually eliminate hourly billing. I’ll be sharing how this model works in my posts here too. I advise creative people on how to maximize creativity, build businesses, plan for their family’s future, and protect intellectual property. My monthly flat-fee billing model allows me to enjoy discussions that turn toward relationships and creative collaboration. Those discussions in turn enable me to play the role of business and life coach in addition to attorney and marketing consultant. I like clients valuing my advice instead of my documents.

The Secrets of Creative Business is my next book. Hopefully I’ll have it out by August, 2010. It’s part of a new venture called The Space Between Center for Creative Spirit in Business. You might want to check out the Mastermind group The Space Between Center offers attorneys who serve entrepreneurs.

You can connect with me on Twitter @kevinhouchin on Facebook, and on Linkedin. My blogs include www.houchinlaw.com, www.kevinhouchin.com, and www.spiritcurve.com. I still enjoy creating fine art and cooking without a recipe.

I’m a proud native Iowan, active father of 3 kids under 10, and lucky husband. We live at about 7200 ft in the mountains outside Fort Collins, Colorado.

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