With the right iPad case, you can greatly enhance your iPad’s utility. Maybe not to the point of replacing your laptop, but you can get pretty close.

The Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 for iPad 2 fits the bill and is more versatile than most cases, with a stylish folio, adjustable viewing angles, and a great detachable keyboard.

What I like about the keyboard/stand/case

The case is nice looking—not great looking—but stylish enough to pass muster in most situations. The case is unique in the sense that it secures itself with velcro to allow various viewing angles. For the most part, I found the velcro to form a very secure bond, which makes it easy to place the screen at various angles and not worry about slippage. I can’t say the same for other cases that provide for multiple viewing angles.

The case also has a keyboard that attaches with magnets, which is actually pretty sweet. The default viewing angle with the keyboard in normal position is very steep—and not a natural viewing angle. But because the keyboard detaches, you can easily lower the angle, and still attach the keyboard via the magnets to keep it securely attached.

The keyboard is not as good as the Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 or Logitech iPad Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad, but it is pretty darn close. That said, it is hands down, it is the best detachable keyboard that have used. The keys are a little smaller than I like, but they are very responsive and accurate. There is no separate row of function keys, but you still access those functions via the options key.

What I don’t like about the keyboard/stand/case

As noted above, the velcro works well, but I wonder how it fares after a couple of months of usage. In addition, the velcro catches when you are simply trying to open or close the case and not trying to engage it, which is annoying.

There is no magnetic attachment to the screen, which means you have to manually turn your iPad on/off when opening/closing the case. It seems like a minor issue, but these types of cases are designed to enhance the productivity of an iPad. Along those lines, the screen rests against the keyboard, which is likely to cause some wear and tear after long-term usage.

Who should buy the keyboard/stand/case

This is my favorite case/stand/keyboard that I have reviewed. The folio is stylish, functional, and relatively slim.

There are better keyboards out there, and better keyboard/cases, but this product provides additional versatility in the form of multiple viewing angles and an excellent detachable keyboard.


Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 for iPad 2

Reviewed by Randall Ryder on .

Summary: The Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 for iPad 2 is stylish, versatile, and has an excellent detachable keyboard.

Overall score: 4 (out of 5)


  1. Sam Glover says:

    Having had this thing sitting in my office for a few weeks, I feel qualified to add one thing: this case must have been manufactured using the most toxic materials possible. I recommend letting it off-gas for a week or two in a well-ventilated area like your back yard before you start carrying around.

    • Sharon says:

      You ain’t kidding! I just returned mine. I loved everything about it except the toxic fumes it produced. I had to get it out of my car and put it into the trunk and after a few minutes, I could still smell it in the cabin! Wow, there should be a warning!

  2. Randall Ryder says:

    I didn’t notice that, but it did sit in my car for a few days, so maybe that took care of it.

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