There are plenty of posts about how Facebook can be part of your social media campaign. But that does mean you necessarily want everything on Facebook to be available to everyone. Take five minutes and make sure your Facebook privacy settings are right for you.

Items you share. Depending on your settings, your photos, status updates, and videos may be available to everyone on the web. There are plenty of people who essentially lock their profile, but forget to make their photos private. Are most photos a big deal? Probably not. But I do not have any interest in some stranger finding my pictures.

Personal info. Things like your religious views, political views, and relationship status might be set to either “everyone” or “friends of friends.” Again, some people might not care if that information is available. For others, that is a big deal.

What Google can see. If your information is available to “everyone” there is a setting that allows Google to index all of that information. You might not want to share everything you posted on Facebook with every member of the internet.

For more information on how to change your settings, head over to this article at the New York Times.

(photo: splorp)

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