Keep Your Blog Up-To-Date

Using a blog as part of your social media strategy can help attract potential clients, but just like your website, your blog should be frequently updated and contain information that is relevant to your audience.

ProBlogger notes that nearly doubling their blog postings for the week created a 30% upswing in traffic to their site. You do not need to drastically increase your posting schedule, though. Taking a more gradual approach will be less obvious, and allow your readers and followers to adjust the uptick.

There is no point, however, increasing your posts if they are not relevant to your blog, or are not useful to the readers. Throwing up a bunch of junk is likely to lose readers and followers. Any followers or readers you have are likely accustomed to a certain level of quality, so be sure to maintain that same level. Be careful about adding new topic areas that are not relevant to your blog, as this may also alienate readers.

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