How to Keep Your Blog from Shriveling Up and Dying

[M]ost bloggers start a blog because they want people to come to their site, subscribe to their email newsletter, and eventually buy their products. …

The content soon reflects these motives and the blog is dull, boring, and uninspired.

… [I]n the end, the blog shrivels up and dies.

This is what I was trying to explain when I wrote my Why Your Blog Sucks post. Except that quotation sums it up in many fewer words.

Blogging for profit is doing things the wrong way around.

The purpose driven blogger asks “Why would someone read my blog and give me their email address?”

The difference is as subtle as it is profound.

If you have a blog, make it a site you would actually want to visit and read yourself. If you do this successfully, you can absolutely expect to profit from your blog (in the form of clients, obviously, when it comes to law blogs). But if your purpose is profit, you probably won’t.

(h/t Real Lawyers Have Blogs)

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  1. Avatar Brian Focht says:

    Sam, your post “Why Your Blog Sucks” may have been the best guide I read when I was developing mine! Good advice in Kevin’s piece too.

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