Graduates of non-Ivy-League law schools may not have a prayer of becoming a U.S. Supreme Court justice (all the current justices went to Harvard, Yale, or Columbia (Ginburg, who started at Harvard), but we can at least hope to clerk for one. At a talk on Friday at the University of Florida, Justice Clarence Thomas had nothing nice to say about law school rankings:

Isn’t that the antithesis of what this country is supposed to be about? Isn’t that the bias that we fought about on racial terms, or on terms of sex, or on terms of religion, etc.? … “My new bias, which I now embrace, is that I don’t eliminate the Ivies in hiring, but I intentionally prefer kids from regular backgrounds and regular students.

[via Ed Adams]

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  1. Alan Lowenthal says:

    Refreshing words from Justice Thomas. He doesn’t eliminate the Ivies in hiring, but he prefers the non-Ivies. Sort of like affirmative action for the non-elites. Believe it or not, certain people are actually bashing him for these comments.

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