jEugene Might Free You From The Tedium Of Proofreading Contracts

If you have been laying awake nights worrying about whether you will be replaced by a robot, you may find the existence of jEugene somewhat jarring. jEugene (nope, no idea why that is its name) is a web-based app that proofs your contracts for you.

jEugene is basically an automated proofreader crossed with that first-year associate that you made read those stupidly long contracts. (This may be bad news for the first-year person.) It says that it can catch your typographical errors:

It can detect even the most obscure problems (en-dash v. hyphen in a defined term, two spaces instead of one between words, etc.), no matter how deeply they are buried.

Who among us doesn’t need help with the whole en-dash/hyphen thing? But jEugene also says it finds other types of drafting errors.

jEugene jumpstarts definitions checks. In seconds, it highlights undefined terms and unused definitions right in the text of documents, so that lawyers can focus on harder problems.

Not sure there is actually a harder problem than that en-dash thing.

jEugene is free for casual users (10 documents/month) and non-profits. If you have bigger needs, you have to reach out to them because there doesn’t appear to be fixed pricing for that yet.

A word of warning: since jEugene runs as a web app, you are uploading your enormous sensitive legal document to their servers. However, jEugene says that your documents will self-destruct within minutes if you don’t download them and as those results await you, they are protected by bank-level encryption. Larger firms can have jEugene installed locally for increased speed and security.

Well, at least if jEugene goes all Skynet and takes over certain legal duties, it can at least be getting rid of a job no one liked to do in the first place.

Featured image: “Pile of documents on desk for managed” from Shutterstock.

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