“Give content. Get noticed” is the slogan for JDSupra, one of the most effective legal content publication platforms on the web. JDSupra provides you with a place to post articles, newsletters, alerts, court filings, and presentations online. More importantly, they help you get noticed. And after all, expanding your professional reputation and building new professional relationships is the essence of marketing your practice on the web. There is no doubt that JDSupra is one of the top places for lawyers to be seen and an important legal research tool.

Depending on your JDSupra service subscription, your legal content will be distributed throughout major social media outlets.

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Since legal content publication and distribution is their specialty, JDSupra is a leader in providing widgets and applications to spread your content throughout your various social media channels. For example, this recently released Legal Updates LinkedIn App allows you to distribute your legal content from within Linkedin:

jdsupra linkedin app

The app allows you to subscribe to document feeds by category, person, or set up custom feeds. Pretty slick. You can also upload legal documents from within LinkedIn that will also be published to the JDSupra platform. Your document portfolio is also displayed on your LinkedIn profile allowing your contacts to view your professional work right on your profile.

Just like the distribution of content in other ways, you will want to make sure that you are not creating a duplicate content situation for the search engines. That can be easily resolved in several ways including re-purposing and modifying the abstract summary when you upload your document.

We recommend JDSupra to many of our clients and have seen direct results in terms of professional connections and even increased visibility within search engines.

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