Jack Georges is a unique name in leather business cases and leather briefcases, providing customers with the finest handmade leather products at a great price. The brand of choice for business & laptop briefcases, these fine hand crafted leather briefcases for Professionals are ideal for Lawyers.

Our goal is simple – to create a fine selection of distinguished business cases and accessories that would be functional in design and of the highest quality and value. We take special care to ensure that all our leather is of high quality, from the time its cut to the final assembly. Our quality control extends to one of the most critical phases – the strong, even stitching found in only the highest quality leather goods like Jack George’s. Every lawyer’s expectations will be satisfied with a wide range of products that live up to these rich standards.

Jack George’s leather briefcases and ladies handbags are fashionable to carry to work, as well as elegant, strong, durable and most important –a symbol of status and professionalism, specially designed with both men and women lawyers in mind.

Jack Georges handmade leather bags are a perfect blend of fashion, style, and professionalism. The time when people used briefcases to only carry office documents and files are over, and now, business people and professionals use briefcase to carry their laptops and other digital devices. Soft leather cases with shoulder straps, back pockets, full organizers, and digital locks are now replacing the old hard leather bags.

Here is small sampling of Jack George’s stylish handmade leather briefcases for men and fashionable handbags and totes for women. These leather bags are functional and easy to carry.

Jack Georges Milano Collection Leather Briefbag:

This stylish briefbag is made of Italian Leather and red in color. This contemporary leather briefbag is handcrafted and can hold files and laptops with up to 17 inch screens. This Professional briefbag is durable and designed for both men and women.

Jack Georges Platinum Double Gusset Flapover Briefcase:

This Jack Georges double gusset flap over leather briefcase is hand-crafted from American steer hide leather, known for its strength and durability. This handmade leather briefcase can hold laptops with screens up to 15.6 inches and features an adjustable shoulder strap. This business case is available in two colors. It’s unique features reflects both your professionalism and personal style.

Jack Georges Milano Collection Business Tote:

This well-made, stylish and practical business tote is great for daily use. It has enough room for both your laptop and legal files. The Milano business tote is perfect for women seeking a professional and stylish look. This tote is available in six different colors.


  1. James Bintz says:

    Where are these products made – USA or China?

  2. satya says:

    These products are made in USA.

  3. Steve Belsky says:

    Just bought one. The Jack Georges line is made in America and well made at that. Left or right leaning,… Conservative or Liberal,… Made in America is our ticket back and this case is a good example of top quality products we can be proud of. I looked at Italian bags for more and might have been willing to spend more, but I didn’t have to. I saw the USA tag on this one and my choice was made. It’s a really nice piece.

  4. CBruno says:

    Actually, only some of Jack Georges’ line is made in the US (you can find out which on their web site)–the rest is MADE IN CHINA!

  5. LeonKnife says:

    Handmade products in USA or Europe are the best, you know then that you are buying quality staff

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