Here’s the decision on CaseText. Twitter is the place to be if you want the firehose of reactions as everyone reads the 103-page decision as fast as they can.

Or just head for the nearest downtown this weekend for what will surely be the most joyful Pride ever.


  1. Todd Hendrickson says:

    Like the title Sam!

  2. David K. Hiscock says:

    While each parade in prior years has been fun, this year is was just a _little_ bit more joyful to march w/ members of an inclusive faith-community. (insert largest available grin emoticon here)
    That said, we’ve still got work to do, and that includes Listening to folks who still think equality is a bad idea.

    And listening means Listening, not just waiting for a silent moment to fire back.

    Let’s find the origin of the fear/hate and look for our own blind-spots.

  3. Paul Spitz says:

    I was struck by how frequently Justice Kennedy used the word “dignity.” And by how undignified Scalia was in his dissent.

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