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We have written for years about data privacy and data security, including back-up and encryption.

Last week we asked you about your data security and backups. Today we want to know about your data security and encryption.

So please take a minute and let us know your current practice in digital data encryption.

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  1. All lawyers should be encrypting their data. I use TrueCrypt to encrypt the entire system volume of my office computers, and the file server has hardware encryption enabled. Both systems use AES256, which is practically uncrackable at this point in technology. TrueCrypt is free, is easy to set up, and has been trouble-free on multiple computer systems. As for the file server, the Synology has that capability built-in, and again, it’s really simple to set up.

    • Sam Glover says:

      100% agree. I am constantly astonished by the number of enterprises that panic whenever they lose a laptop, like BP’s latest screwup. How they justify such negligence is beyond me, just as I cannot understand why so few lawyers bother to encrypt client files when it is so easy.

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