I am fortunate enough to have a great job, but I do not have a secretary, meaning I experience the pleasure of typing every single brief with my name on it. I have written fairly positive reviews about iPhone speech-recognition, but computer-based recognition is another story altogether. Until I read this review, I did not even think people still used it. That aside, is it really worth it?

Increased productivity or recipe for disaster?

According to the review, you can draft an email while filing paperwork. That would not work for me, I have consistently failed the “rub your tummy and pat your head test” since I was six years old. In this ADD culture, especially for lawyers, do you really want to draft a client email while doing something else? That sounds dangerous to me. I would probably end up with my email that merely verbalizes what I am physically doing.

For brief writing, it would be nice, at times, to just say what I am thinking, instead of typing it. I tend to move around when I argue, so being able to walk around the room would be nice. But then I would worry about whether the microphone is catching everything I say. Which would anchor me to the computer as the words appear. I am not sure that is more effective, or easier, then just typing it out.

That said, I bet it would be nice for blogging, when I not as nearly concerned about spelling errors and other minor details.

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