Facebook continues to have more issues with releasing information to the wrong people. This week, Facebook revealed “private” email address for members for about 30 minutes before the problem was fixed. For people with private email addresses, that is a major problem. It also makes one wonder what other “private” info will appear during the next Facebook glitch?

I think Facebook can be used for marketing and can expand your professional network. I also think, at a minimum, you need to spend some time properly setting up your security and privacy settings. Bigger picture, I think there are many perils of making Facebook friends around the office.

This latest breach should make you reconsider what you have on your page. Basically, if you have any doubts, do not put it up. If you hide your drinking pictures from your boss, one day, that might suddenly appear, and that is not good.

The entire purpose of privacy settings, and security settings, is to allow you to control who sees what. If those settings sporadically fail, it is not worth putting up anything you are hesitant about. Racy comments? Do not do it. Drinking pictures? No thanks.

I still think there is value to using Facebook for marketing. If you decide to take the plunge, then keeps things strictly business. Otherwise, during the next security blackout, you will find yourself wondering who saw what.

(photo: escapedtowisconsin)

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