If you run a small or solo firm, finding ways to save time and increase efficiency are key to your practice. Email, while incredibly useful, can also take up a large portion of your day.

If you have a high volume of client intake, developing a system to help process the requests can be extremely helpful; is Dispatch a good option?

Dispatch can help sort incoming emails

If your website has contact forms for clients, Dispatch can help sort the forms after they are submitted. For example, if you have one form for business law clients and another form for criminal defense clients, Dispatch should sort them into stacks.

The advantage is that you can setup one person to be notified about a particular stack. So, if one attorney mostly handles the business law clients, they would receive notifications from that stack.

Dispatch can also automatically reply to emails

To be completely honest, I am not clear on how this function works. The website says that when a new request comes in, Dispatch can automatically and intelligently reply with a personal answer that you’ve setup, or pass the request onto you.

I am not clear how Dispatch decides if it will reply, or if you will reply. Similarly, I am unclear how this actually works. I am not sure what kind of requests from clients or opposing counsel could be handled by an automatic reply.

It is unclear how valuable Dispatch is for law firms

I am extremely leery of a program deciding what is appropriate to send to a recipient. Maybe that is just me. Given that, I would probably never allow Dispatch to respond by itself, which detracts from its utility.

In terms of stacks, that could be helpful. At the same time, your contact form could have checkboxes that offer potential clients the option of checking what type of legal issue they have, “are you a business seeking advice?” or “does this relate to a criminal matter.”

That way, whoever handles your intake can quickly send it to the proper attorney. If I had a better understanding of how Dispatch works I might be more excited. But based on what the website shows, I do not think it is the worth the price.


  1. Hi, I’m Richard, Lead Developer of Dispatch.

    Dispatch is best used by law firms who get lots of the same kinds of requests, whether they are potential clients (leads), people requesting more information about a particular service that a law firm provides, and things like that. Dispatch doesn’t automatically reply with anything that you haven’t entered in yourself. For instance, your firm is on a big class action case and people keep asking the same question about what the requirements are, how the funds are going to be disbursed, etc… Instead of answering that question every single time it comes in, you can answer it once by adding it as a FAQ in Dispatch.. Then any time you get a request that is a good match for the answer that you’ve entered, Dispatch can reply to it for you. That’s what we mean by intelligent auto-replies. You also have a full record of the reply when Dispatch does reply to something for you, and you can reply to the request at any point and handle it yourself if you’d like. It’s meant to save time, and it isn’t made to handle every kind of message that you could possibly get, just the ones that aren’t necessarily the best use of your time.

    I hope that helps!

  2. Randall Ryder says:

    @ Richard—thanks for clarifying. How does the program determine when it should auto-reply or not? If you can elect to not auto-reply, and manually reply, how does that save you time?

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