usagebaseddataplanThe CEO of AT&T is hinting that iPhone users need to decrease their usage or data plan rates may soon be based on usage, rather than unlimited.

iPhone users have voiced plenty of complaints about data slowdown when a large number of  iPhone users converge on one location. For example, at a recent Vikings game my iPhone was borderline useless—so many users in one place drags the data network to a crawl.

In some cities, like San Francisco and NYC, there are so many iPhone users that the data networks are not up to speed—a problem AT&T admits. The CEO is pleading with data hogs to curb their “overconsumption” to reduce the drag on the network. If not, future pricing plans may be based on actual data usage.

I love my iPhone, but iPhone users already pay high data rates to AT&T for the iPhone data plan. Threats of a usage-based plan are even more ridiculous when you consider the iPhone also runs on Wi-Fi when available. If the iPhone becomes available on other wireless carriers, with comparable data plans, AT&T may lose a huge portion of their customer base.

AT&T CEO Wants iPhone Users to Limit Usage | Mashable

(photo: AMagill)

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