Recently, the kind folks over at IPEVO sent me their Origami Folio case to review. I was very excited to check it out since their Typi Folio case is my favorite iPad/keyboard combo case and I’ve reviewed that product elsewhere in the past.

I’ve always preferred more substantial cases, operating on the assumption that I needed to protect my iPad from damage on the off chance that I dropped it. So Origami Folio case is the first time that I’ve used a slim, fitted cover aside from Apple’s native black cover that I purchased with my very first iPad. I disliked that ugly case from the very start and was never enamored with the Apple Smart Cover either. To me, those cases have always seemed impractical unless you’re using your iPad on a flat surface.

Well now that I’ve tried the Origami Folio case, I’m a convert to fitted cases. I really like this case. It’s made of a very soft, smooth microfiber material and comes in a variety of attractive colors: black, azure, honeysuckle, lemongrass and tangerine.

To use the stand, you simply flip back the top cover and push in the sides, as shown.

You can then either lay the case down at a  20° viewing angle on a flat surface or on your lap. Alternatively, you can invert the iPad and use it at a 70° viewing angle on a flat surface, as shown.

The case fit very snugly and the cover is magnetized, thus putting the it to sleep when you close it, just like Apple’s Smart Covers.

The only criticism I can come up with for this case is that it takes some getting used to in the beginning in terms of figuring out the proper way to manipulate the cover so that it folds inward correctly.

Aside from that I love it. It’s an attractive, practical case and as long as it holds up over time, and it’s a relative bargain at $39.00.


IPEVO Origami Folio

Reviewed by Nicole Black on .

Summary: I love the IPEVO Origami Folio. It’s an attractive, practical case as long as it holds up over time, and it’s a relative bargain at $39.00.

Score: 4.5 (out of 5)

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