Anatomy exhibits are frequently used in medical malpractice and other personal injury litigation to instruct a jury and illustrate injuries. Stock anatomy exhibits from providers such as Doe Report start at $119 for a single small jpeg. Larger .pdfs are even more expensive. Printed exhibits can run much higher. In a typical case, where 5-10 such exhibits may be necessary, and the cost quickly mounts. Is there an alternative? Absolutely. Simply turn to your iPad or Mac.

3D4Medical offers an extensive catalog of apps for the iPad, iPhone and Mac. Titles include Essential Anatomy, Muscle Pro, Skeletal Pro, and other titles that focus on the heart, brain, knee, elbow, shoulder and others. I have used a number of these apps for an extended period of time and have been astonished by how well they work and the level of detail. All allow you to take away layers, in effect peeling away layers of muscles, ligaments and nerves, to show underlying detail. All the apps show the anatomy in 3D and allow you to rotate and tilt the display so that you can focus in in minute details.

As an exhibit substitute, one option is simply to use the projection capability to display it “live” and utilize the ability to rotate and tilt. Jurors certainly like the high tech 3D effect as opposed to a static poster board exhibit. Another option is to export your view by email or local save as a jpeg. You can then easily print them out. This same option can be used to, in effect, take a snapshot of the view you are showing to a jury in order to mark it as an official exhibit.

In addition to the ability to create exhibits, these applications are excellent tools to educate yourself and witnesses.

And the best part? The iPad apps start at $12.99. Mac apps start at $9.99.  A full set of applications can easily run less than just two stock illustrations. You can then use the apps over and over again.  A great product and a great price.

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