Intangible Benefits of Law Firm Outsourcing

Guest post by Kevin Chern.

Recently, I did a guest post on the costs of hiring in-house law firm staff versus the costs of outsourcing. As I stated in that post, only you can decide whether or not outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for your law firm, but there are a few intangible benefits to using virtual workers or legal process outsourcers that you may want to consider. Outsourcing administrative tasks in a law firm can help attorneys by:

Giving law firms more flexibility. Most law firms have ebbs and flows in case work. By using virtual workers, attorneys can get help when they need it rather than keeping staff on site during slow periods.

Removing the need to recruit and train. Attorneys opened their law firms to practice law, not to read resumes and train staff. By outsourcing, attorneys can avoid tedious tasks, such as posting to job sites, sorting through resumes, interviewing potential candidates, training staff and correcting mistakes made during the early days of employment.

Erasing problems with sick days or vacations. If a staff member calls in sick or takes a week off, attorneys may find themselves in a crunch, especially if that absence is unexpected. A reliable outsourcing company is set up to absorb that kind of fluctuation and make sure that your work stays on schedule.

Improving quality control. A good outsourcing company will have its on system of checks to make sure that work is done accurately. That means that your review will be the final one, but not the only one.

Boosting office morale. Outsourcing companies often perform the tedious work that no one in the office really wants to do. That means that you and any other staff you may have on-site can work on the tasks you enjoy more, thus improving attitude and productivity in the office.

This list is just an example of some of the ways outsourcing can help attorneys manage their law firms. Have you ever used virtual workers for your law practice? If so, what other benefits did you find?

Kevin Chern is the President of Total Attorneys, a technology-enabled service provider dedicated to assisting with every aspect of small and solo law firm practice management, growth and development.

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