tinychatThere are a plethora of video-chat enabled programs, but tinychat can get you up and running in seconds.

Unlike Skype, iChat, etc., tinychat does not require a program. Simply go to tinychat, make a name for your room, and send the link to the other party. Once there are two people in the chat, the room is locked and nobody else can join.

The chat window also has a handy message area for those moments when the internet goes on the fritz. Like any other video chat, be aware of your surroundings to ensure your conversation is truly private. That aside, tinychat is a great resource when you need to see and talk to someone immediately and talking in person is not an option.

tinychat? Easychat is more like it.

Forget Skype: Tinychat Launches Dead-Simple Video Chat | Mashable


  1. Jesse Guthrie says:

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    • Randall Ryder says:

      Not impressed. Why would you want to sign up and create a profile for one video chat? This post was about affordable and easy video chats. Your site appears to be a sales and marketing site that happens to offer video chats.

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