Carolyn Elefant just wrote about an awesome experiment that the BigLaw firm of Foley & Lardner is doing. It is sponsoring an incubator, Catapult, where startups can get relatively cheap office space and free legal counsel. The hope, obviously, is that the startups will stay with Foley when they become successful companies.

As Carolyn observers, most solo and small firms don’t have the resources to pull off something like this. However, if you have a conference room or an empty office, it wouldn’t be a big deal accommodate your clients when they need a place to work or meet.


  1. Avatar Douglas says:

    This sounds well and good BUT, what would the ethical implications be of “doing business with” a client – even if no money changes hands…or having other clients possibly think the “incubatee” (new word lol) is now a part of your firm – is there a high enough “wall” that can be built?

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