Looking for more productivity at the office? If you have managed to tune out the internet and social media, and have rearranged your schedule to maximize your peak hours of productivity, you are on the path to maximizing your productivity. The stressful law-talkin’ life, however, can make it easy to neglect your body and your non-legal soul. Improving your health can result in better productivity.

Better eating habits = better brain functions

Do you skip breakfast? Start eating it. It is the most important meal of the day, and it can help jumpstart a healthy morning, even more then five cups of coffee. If you can, eat before you get to the office. That food needs time to process. Eating breakfast at the office means you are wasting time eating, and waiting to wake up.

If you go out to lunch, you might want to avoid eating a large meal. Eat enough to feel full, but not so much that when you come back you sit around feeling drowsy. I love Chipotle as much as the next guy, but it tends to send people into a food coma after every meal.

When you hit the 3 p.m. sugar low, try eating a banana, a granola bar, or something moderately healthy. It can give you the necessary boost to get through the afternoon.

Exercise will clear your mind

Opposing counsel just did something ridiculous and you are steaming mad? Go for a walk. Outside, inside, do something to physically work off that energy. Surfing the net does not count.

Even if you are hammering away at a brief that is due in three hours, take 5 minutes and get some fresh air. Those little moments can help clear your mind and refresh your brain–making you more productive and more efficient. A healthy lawyer is a more productive lawyer.

(photo: dotbenjamin)

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