Increase Security with a Password Generator

Technology makes it easy to do all sorts of great things—create a mobile office, use cloud-storage, and run a paperless office. One downside, however, is that increased access to files can lead to additional security concerns.

If you are looking to update your passwords, consider using a password generator like ObPwd.

How it works

ObPwd is a password generator, not an application for storing your passwords. It is available as a free application for computers running Mac OS X and it is a free extension for anyone running Firefox.

ObPwd reads images and will create a unique password based on that image. For example, if you click on a picture of your car, it will generate the same password everytime you click on that particular picture.

Even if you change the name of the image, ObPwd will always generate the same passcode. According to the program’s creators, if you copy images and store them in various locations, the application will still generate the same passwords.

You can also click on images on websites to generate passwords. While this is convenient, if the image gets replaced, you are out of luck.

Useful for creating a handful of passwords

The app is great for creating a limited number of passwords that you regularly use. Because you need different images for each password, using more than a couple different images could make it difficult to remember which password is used for each purpose.

Another issue is that if you use multiple computers, you need to have all the images available on all computers in order to have your password generated. This is annoying, but it also theoretically makes your passwords more secure.

ObPwd is not the easiest way to generate passwords, but it is unique, and it definitely provides an extra level of security. Unless an unauthorized user knows that you use ObPwd and knows what image to click on, figuring out your passwords is pretty tricky.



  1. I’ve been recording passwords as an outlook contact and then I can find it. Combining this with that system should work good. I’ve been worried about using the same pictures for everything. I guess you could use a facebook album or something semi-permanent for the pic source.

  2. Avatar Jim says:

    Passwords have become the weakest link in every system one has to logon to, reported all over the world in the highest and mightiest publications – so the need for really innovative authentication technologies is here and now.

    I found a really cool product called pixelpin ( that you actually use the picture to login with, not as a captcha.

    The demo is really cool and easy to use, you just complete their “sign up” function and there you have it.

    Easily the “new way” to login with something we all have and remember – our pictures :-)

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