Increase Productivity by Simplifying

Smartphones, social media, and iPads all have their place in a law practice, but they can also be giant distractions.

The next time you find yourself struggling to get things done, or taking too long to accomplish menial tasks, attack your distractions to simplify things and increase productivity.

Eliminate easily accessible distractions

A few weeks ago, I may or may not have gotten lured into playing Empires and Allies through Facebook. This may or may not have led to frequent checking of a fictitious empire throughout my day.

A few days into playing the game, I found myself complaining about my lack of incoming clients. Within twenty minutes, I deleted my empire and spent a few hours working on marketing.

If you have an Angry Birds addiction, delete it. If you waste hours on Facebook, then block the site on your work computer. This might seem like a simple fix, but it really works.

Stick with one piece of technology

I have not seen anyone effectively simultaneously use a laptop and a desktop, or a desktop and a iPad. If your desk is cluttered with four different pieces of technology, your mind will be just as cluttered.

Think about it, how many times do you close your e-mail to work on a brief, only to get distracted by your constantly buzzing BlackBerry? Or go to a coffee shop to “work” on your laptop but spend the whole time playing with your iPad?

I am not a big fan of using dual monitors, which is why I never have more than one computer running at one time. Even if I am running ten applications at once on my computer, only one of them will take up screen space. Literally simplifying what is in front of you can help you focus on one task and actually get something done.


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  1. I agree. Recent economic difficulties resulted in a forced ditching of most devices. I even sold my iPhone. What a feeling! It’s almost like the old days – i can almost feel the carbon paper and onion skin in the IBM Selectric. A 13″ MacBook Air is perfect for mobile needs, is light and doesn’t take up very much space.

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