Over the past few weeks, I’ve been connecting with lawyers who are struggling mightily to make this law business thing work. Know anyone like that?

Fortunately, I also get to talk with a lot of lawyers who are NOT struggling for clients. They’re struggling with too much business and needing to get their systems caught up to the client flow (that’s the last frontier before really having it all). And while I’ve got some guidance for those of you in that boat, today I want to focus on those of you struggling for more business because if you don’t have business, you’ll never get to phase 2 before you go out of business.

Now, I know a little about going out of business.  I’ve watched lawyers do it more than once and one time, unfortunately, up close and personal, after the guy I sold my firm to couldn’t make a go of it and closed up shop.

So I know what will run your business into the ground faster than you can say “wait a minute, where did all my money go?”

And I can see the lawyers who are headed into the station of no more business as opposed to those headed to phase 2 and one major step closer to the lives they really want in which they are serving the clients they love without stress and not worrying about the day to day details of  running their business.

So, what’s the difference?

The lawyers who are going to make it through the rough times are the ones who are taking massive right action on a daily basis.
Let me break that down because it’s important you really hear each piece of it so you know what to do.

There are three parts to what I said.

1. Massive

You have got to be taking massive action.  Not try this and then that if the first thing you tried doesn’t work.  Do everything at once.  The first year I hit $1,000,000 in my firm, I was in massive action on all fronts, consistently.  People were frequently telling me I was making a mistake doing it that way, but I usually found that those were the people who didn’t have much business coming in. I did.

2. Right Action

Now, it’s no good to take massive wrong action. That’s what most lawyers who take massive action do.  They get themselves crazy busy doing the wrong things. The things that don’t result in a good return on time and energy investment. The right things are things that pay off in three ways: (1) some business immediately, (2) some business a short time in the future, and (3) long-term business.

The wrong things are the things that might pay off some day. You don’t have the time for someday if you are in dire straits for business. You need it now, and that takes right action. Right action usually takes getting out of your own way and having someone who knows what right action is show you the way.  Because you can’t see it most of the time.  That’s why trial and error is so painful.

3. Daily

If you want to keep your business on solid ground, you must take this right action daily. Not to say you can’t make mistakes (you certainly better be making some mistakes), but that you minimize the cost of the mistakes by getting help from someone who has been there, done that and can illuminate the right path for you and that you do something every single day.

In the next week or so, I’ll share with you some ideas of something you can do every single day.

But in the meantime, get on the phone and call every single place you can think of that might be willing to have you come talk to their audience of people who are the people you serve.

We’ll get started there next time.

(photo: timetrax23)


  1. Troy Pickard says:

    Alexis makes some great suggestions, especially her last one – your future clients are actually already meeting in pre-existing groups.

    Do you want to advise small businesses? There are meetup support groups for new entrepreneurs! Do you want help tenants in fights against landlords? There are already tenants associations meeting. Do you want to help people accused of DUI, or already convicted and looking for expungement? Alcoholics Anonymous has all of your future clients in one room.

    What can you offer these groups? Can you put together a 15-20 minute informational session that provides something helpful and also leaves the door open for them to come to you for additional assistance? Then you should be pitching your volunteer speaking engagements to the organizers of all these groups.

  2. Kevin Houchin says:

    Nice job Alexis. If there’s anyone that knows about taking action daily on a large scale, it’s you my friend. :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

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