There are plenty of ways to use an iPad in your law practice and choosing the right iPad case or keyboard can make an useful product even more useful.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cases that look great in the box, but actually don’t work well. The iLuv Professional Workstation has some nice elements, but it does not live up to its name.

What I like about the professional workstation

The case is made out of “handsome leather-like material” and it looks and feels pretty nice. It looks nice enough to pass for leather, so in terms of pure looks, this combo case is one of the better looking cases. When the case is closed, it looks like a nice leather bound book. The material also has a nice feel to it, so it’s comfortable to carry.

The keyboard has a nice feel to it and it also has a nifty little wrist pad to make typing slightly more comfortable. As an added bonus the keyboard is attached to the case with velcro, so you can detach it and use it in true wireless fashion. The case also has a kickstand on the back, which props up the screen.

If the keyboard worked well, this could be a nice case. About that keyboard . . .

What I don’t like about the professional workstation

While the case looks nice, whether it is being used or closed, there’s a price to pay for using leather-like material. That price is thickness. Maybe it’s my pet peeve, but one the best features about the iPad is how slim it is. If you throw a thick case on it, it can easily become thicker than a laptop, but with less utility. If my iPad + case = bigger than my laptop, I’ll stick with my laptop.

Another issue with the case design is the iLuv logo, which is plastered rather largely on the case in two spots. One of those spots is on the clasp that holds the case closed. So you’ve got a nice-looking case with an obnoxious shiny logo. The kickstand is pretty lame too. The kickstand is right in the middle, but it’s only 1.5-2 inches wide. So if the case is on your lap, it doesn’t squarely sit in the middle of your legs. That seems like a very strange design.

Perhaps most importantly, I have no love, or iLuv, for the keyboard. The keys feel nice and responsive to keystrokes, but there is almost no space between the keys. That means you type lots of sentences that look like gobbledly-gook. That’s right, I said it. For all the keyboards I have tested, the litmus test is whether I can write a review of the keyboard on the actual keyboard. I made it about five minutes before giving up. Five minutes might not seem long, but you can tell that quickly whether a keyboard will work for you. As in, if you have only actually typed one sentence, that’s not a good sign.

Who should buy it

If you really want a case that has more style than function, this is the case for you. It looks really nice, and the detachable keyboard is a nice feature.

Unfortunately, attached or detached, typing on the keyboard is no piece of cake. In other words, I do not love the iLuv.


iLuv Professional Workstation Case and Keyboard for iPad

Reviewed by Randall Ryder on .

Summary: The iLuv Professional Workstation for iPad looks nice, feels nice, but unfortunately lacks an easy-to-use keyboard.

Overall score: 2.5 (out of 5)

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