When potential clients begin their research online, hopefully at some point you motivate them to want to talk to you. And it shouldn’t be surprising that people are interested in help from a real person. Despite all of the new ways that we interact with one another, people still want to talk.

So what happens when people call you? Does your line just ring forever? Are callers sent to voicemail? Are you able to distinguish callers from different advertising/marketing campaigns?

If you’re looking for help managing, measuring and automating your phone interaction process with inbound callers, check out ifbyphone.

I’ve been a customer of ifbyphone for several years and have also recommended their various services on many occasions. Their pricing is reasonable and their customer support is excellent.


They list their package pricing on their website:

It’s important to note that in addition to the monthly service package costs, there are additional costs for phone number acquisition and minutes usage. However, if you’re familiar with various phone-tracking services, you will find that their acquisition costs and usage rates are very competitive.


Of course, one of the most important features of any call tracking service is reliability. If the system “breaks” you can lose the opportunity to connect with clients, inquiring prospective clients and others who call your firm.

In terms of reliability, my experiences with ifbyphone have been excellent. And if anything ever does go wrong, they are quick to solve the problem.


Anytime you’re dealing with technology, especially technology that interfaces with clients and potential clients, good support is critical. I’ve found ifbyphone’s support to be among the best of any vendor I’ve dealt with. You enter your phone number, they call you immediately. But response time isn’t the only component to good support. Ultimately, it depends on whether they can actually solve your problem in a reasonable amount of time. They usually can.

Products / Services

They offer a wide assortment products / services that can help you track your advertising and improve your firm’s communication process.

At first glance you might be overwhelmed by all of the services that they offer. I imagine that most Lawyerist readers will likely only need a fraction of all the services that ifbyphone provides. Here are a couple that you should investigate:

  • Call Forwarding – This will allow you track phone calls for different sources and manage which phones ring when a call is made.
  • Google Analytics Integration – This is a nice way to get call data into your Google Analytics reports. If you want to get fancy, you can even track calls down to the keyword. However, I suspect that is overkill for many lawyers, especially solos and small firms.
  • Virtual Receptionist – You can set up custom greetings and provide menu options for callers who are seeking a specific lawyer or merely looking to have a question answered. This is helpful in streamlining your call intake process.

Whether you’ve never used a call tracking / automation service before, or you’re looking to get more advanced features at an affordable price, I strongly recommend you try ifbyphone. Implemented properly, it can make a significant impact your firm’s efficiency and effectiveness in connecting with people who are trying to contact you and understanding how and where prospective clients are finding you.

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Robust, affordable voice-based marketing automation
Ifbyphone has a great feature set, excellent support and is easy to set up and get started with voice-based automation.
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  1. We do these same things using Twilio and OpenVBX for a lot less money. It is $1/mo. for each phone number, plus $0.01 per minute for inbound calls and $0.02 per minute for outbound calls. With no monthly minimum, you might only pay a few dollars per month some months. Busy months are never more than $25.

  2. David says:

    We have been hesitant to move toward call tracking because any potential Google Local risk. We continually battle old phone numbers and an old address with our current Google listing (of course computers are smarter so Google will often change our phone number).

    Are there any cons in that respect? One of the issues we have is closing the conversion loop and call tracking would allow us to do that. Currently we track everything and get accurate stats on web forms and click-to-call mobile phone inbounds but with regular phone calls we ask the client how they found us and if they used a keyword so we still have a large gray area.

    • To answer you directly, at present, “organic” local phone numbers and the consistency of name, address and phone (NAP) information is critically important to local rankings. However, there are a variety of workarounds. One “quick and dirty solution” is to draw your visitors’ attention to a toll-free number but to include real local numbers in less prominent places for search engines.

      Another option is to port your organic number into a phone tracking system.

      Personally, I think search engines will eventually solve this problem in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, not too distant is still not soon enough.

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