I’m 100% in agreement with how Jordan Furlong Rushie views the value of social media for lawyers:

So, this is my view on social media for lawyers: you’ll get business off of it just like you will from anywhere you hang out. But if you try and “leverage” it, or “accelerate it”, you just end up looking like a schmuck.

And if social media isn’t your thing, don’t waste your time with it – spend more time at the bar.

Anyone who thinks there is some special trick to networking online just doesn’t understand (a) the Internet, or (b) people.

Read Spend More Time at the Bar on Philly Law Blog.


  1. shg says:

    I would be enormously impressed if Jordan Furlong said such a thing. Alas, it was Jordan Rushie. Many people mistake the two, as they look so much alike.

  2. Sam, just read Jordan’s really great post. What a great presentation of what this is all about. Clients want to trust us before they use us. We need to have that as the underpinning of all our legal services. This is the major component of client engagement and relationships and should permeate all our actions as attorney. Thanks for information as always!

  3. Good advice. When folks ask me for any advice on social media, my first statement is usually something to the effect of you have to enjoy it first, any business will come over time.

  4. Stefan says:

    …And if the bar isn’t my thing then I shouldn’t became a lawyer…. I guess that spending time with both activities (social media and spending time at the bar) is the best solution. The both are enjoyable and surely the business will come over time as Christopher G. Hill said.
    And hanging out somewhere doesn’t compare with hanging out online. Virtual space is limitless.

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