Another great quotation from a judicial opinion:

This is another case which is slowly convincing me that I am the judge in the “Sixth Sense” part of the Civil Court where, like characters in that film who only see dead people, I am relegated to seeing cases with “dead corporations” represented by “dead law firms.”

Centurion Capital Corp. v. Guarino


  1. Todd Murray says:

    Also from Centurion is this little gem:

    “First, there is nothing in the consent form disclosing an address at which to contact either Fulton, Friedman & Gullace, LLP as counsel or for Palisades Acquisition XVI, LLC. I checked with the clerk and found out that one, the psychic was let go in the last round of layoffs; two, when Johnny Carson died, he did not leave the clerk Carnac the Magnificent’s Crystal Ball; and three, learning an address by examining the entrails of sacrificed animals is not part of traditional haruspex training making that an unusable source as well. The fact that plaintiff’s counsel’s address is not included in the form, makes the consent form basically useless for the purpose of giving notification to the plaintiff or its counsel.”

  2. Susan Gainen says:

    Thanks for posting this, Sam.

    I rarely read opinions — not in my job description — but I was delighted to wade through this one. It takes almost no imagination to believe that:

    1. The Judge was furious;
    2. The Judge has a sense of humor;
    3. This fact pattern will be on many “Consumer Law” law school exams.

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