Related“How to Insert Hyperlinks in Word Documents” is “A compendium of resources for attorneys interested in adding hyperlinks to their CM/ECF filings.”

“When I pull up a memo with links, I have three immediate impressions:
* This attorney knows how I work;
* This is going to be easy;
* I hope other attorneys notice this.”

— Hon. David Nuffer, United States District Judge, D. Utah

“I find hyperlinks to be a very convenient way to check case citations, read pin-point case cites, and view attachments without having to open a new window or toggle between screens. I hope lawyers make greater use of this capability in federal court filings in the future.”

— Hon. John W. Lungstrum, Senior United States District Court Judge, D. Kan.

But as Carl Malamud points out, even though many judges are fans, not all federal courts permit hyperlinks in briefs. The Central District of California, for example.

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