Dear Fellow Attorney:

You’re probably familiar with the painful time entry drill where we sit around for a while and think about the work we did the past few weeks. We look through our sent emails, our calendar, and we try to piece together our time in some concocted fashion so we can bill our clients. As a result, we systematically under-bill our clients, lose revenue, and frankly spend too much time trying to organize and enter our time.

I tried a number of solutions to track my time over the years – notepads, start-stop timers, etc. – but none of them really worked, and always left me with that nagging feeling that time entry could be much easier and simpler.

So, in 2007, I set out to design my own time management system – and recruited a few nerds to do all the difficult computer programming. I’m proud to say that the results, Chrometa, have exceeded my expectations. It allows attorneys to automatically track and quickly organize their time, and is probably easiest-to-use and most powerful time tracking system available today.

In fact, late last year, I recorded a webcast, viewed by over 500 attorneys and counting, where I demonstrated how I now tackle three — formerly vexing — familiar time capture challenges using Chrometa:

Why Are Attorneys Going Crazy for Chrometa?

You’ve probably read recent reviews about Chrometa’s automatic time tracking software, which we designed specifically for legal professionals.

Here are a few more Chrometa thoughts and observations from fellow attorneys:

  • Chrometa automatically captures and organizes the time you spend on your PC, facilitating your ability to accurately bill all your time.” – Neil Squillante in TechnoLawyer
  • Chrometa was a great help when I was preparing billing.” — Adrian M. Baron in The Nutmeg Lawyer
  • My guess is that Chrometa pays for itself in the first day — before you go to lunch.” — Lee Rosen in Divorce Discourse

Do you also hate tracking your time? Why not take Chrometa for a free spin starting today? There’s a free 30-day trial, with no sign up or credit card required.
Please download your free trial now.


Adam Tope, Esq.
Special Advisor to Chrometa, LLC

Adam Tope is an attorney at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in Washington, DC. Prior to practicing law, Adam was the president and CEO of a technology incubator.

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