In order to build a law practice that lasts—whether you do it at a huge firm or start your own–you have to find the intersection of your clients’ interests and your own.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some would prescribe a different model:

This sort of law practice—the total separation of your own needs and your clients’—is neither sustainable nor honorable. If you spend all your time doing what your clients want, and none of it practicing law on your own terms, you will burn out in very short order. And your clients will not be very happy, either.

Instead, identify what you want out of your law practice, and figure out how to provide top-notch customer service while still practicing law on your own terms. That is the only way to a truly successful and sustainable law practice.


  1. Love it, Sam! It’s so important to find that “sweet spot” in your law pratice where your passions and interests intersect with your clients’ needs. Nice visual representation of this critical concept!

  2. Alex Athans says:

    Great point Sam. However, I hate to be a wet blanket, but a lawyer also has to stay in business and put food on his table, so if, for example, one wants to practice elder law but can only find divorce clients, sometimes one has to bite the bullet and do what can pay the bills! Still, I do agree with your sentiment, and I think finding that happy medium is what all of us solo and small-firm practitioners are constantly trying to do.

  3. Sam Glover says:

    I don’t believe in happy mediums. I want it all.

  4. commercial law firms india says:

    Good post indeed Sam, we have been within this industry from last 10 years and have learned that in order to sustain within this industry your need must coincides with your client needs. I won’t say that we are following only clients talks or we are only concentrating on our own formula solely at our own terms. What is the need of the hour is that keep on play you own game but you need to entertain the audience too. So it’s better to tune some attention towards the client interests and keep focusing on your own goal.

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