Be a Detective Before Accepting a Job

investigatejobofferEven though legal jobs are hard to come by, investigate the opportunity before making a decision.

Talking to current employees is a must. This can be tricky, but most employers are willing to give you the names of a few current employees willing to talk to you if you ask. If you meet with them, try and have lunch or coffee outside of the office to ensure they can engage in unrestrained conversation. Find out how many hours they work, if they have an outside life, and how the employer treats employees.

If you know of any former employees, that is another great resource for insight into the job. Many times these people are harder to track down, but if you ask around, you should get at least one referral. Doing a quick Google search may turn up attorneys who have switched to another firm, and they are usually very willing to talk about past experiences.

If the job is local, be sure to check out the actual workplace. The physical surroundings will give you a better understanding of how the place is run. Sometimes the building is great, but the neighborhood is not. Depending on your level of comfort, that might rule out the job right there.

It is a tough market, and options are limited, but doing due diligence will payoff in the long run.

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