How Not to Submit a Guest Post Proposal

The email begins this way:

I believe that I am your Godsend, so remeber this day as one you are thankful for becasue your doorstep just brightened when you opened this email.

It goes on (and on and on) like that for at least 1,000 words. He claims to be some super-rich PI lawyer from CA. Who can’t spell. It seems to check out, though. His bio on his website reads about the same.

Look, folks, if you want to propose a guest post, I would love to hear from you. But please, be concise, spell properly, and above all, don’t be a douche.

(Also, I’m pretty sure the “Million-Dollar Advocates Forum” — of which this character says he is a member — is just another meaningless badge meant to dazzle unsophisticated potential clients.)


  1. Avatar Rob Sullivan says:

    Exactly. Great note Sam. Not being a douche is advice that will serve many well in a wide range of endeavors. LOL

  2. Avatar guest says:

    You are right Sam.
    Except about the million dollar advocates. To join you must win, or settle, a suit for over a million dollars.

    Unlike Avvo and other bullshit, the million dollar advocates actually corresponds to lawyer skill.

  3. Avatar Will Lam says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sam.. now we know a way NOT to pitch you. :)

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