Hiring a photographer creates unique images for your website rather than the generic images usually found on stock photo websites. Grabbing the audience and making your firm distinct is not an easy task, especially when there are multiple options and law firms for them to browse. However, convincing words and attractive catch phrases are just not enough, and never communicate as well as compelling visuals. Avoiding generic and unattractive images available online and using unique, creative and appealing photos by hiring a photographer can help you carve your own personal niche, evoke feeling through your words, and make the client bond with your work.

Break Free from the Cliché

When it comes to readily available stock images, the choices are limited and provide little room for creativity. With only a handful of related images available online that are used and reused dozens of times in different law firm websites, there is little that you can do to enhance your website and make it stand out amongst scores of others. One of the main goals in marketing is to be memorable and unique, however by using stock images you often fall in to the trap of being generic. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your moments at work, create great headshots, or get a personalized view into your thinking and imagination can make your website become unique and instantly recognizable. Afterall, your face is part of your brand.

Keeping Costs Low

Hiring a photographer does not have to break your budget. When considering the cost of photos, most firms generally spend a few hundred dollars on stock photos and can often hire a professional for a similar budget. To save money you could also consider hiring a photography student who is eager to build their portfolio and get references and referrals.

Connect to the Audience

Promoting any business or brand has one fundamental rule – pave way to the hearts of the customers. Aesthetic and creative imagery on the website will give an impression to your client that you are imaginative and tend to think outside of the box. Personal photos, pictures from the workplace and even interactive videos or success stories through photos offer a riveted and targeted marketing strategy on their own and will help the clients click and connect to you.

Images and visual art play a very important part in enhancing your overall relationship with your prospect clients. Make sure that you let your creative juices flow, get clicking and let the colors and vibrancy do the magic for your business. Though you can use stock images for your website if you don’t want to hire a professional to get the work done, make sure you follow a few general guidelines when selecting the requisite imagery for your website. Read some basic tips and guidelines for choosing stock photos for your law firm website.

A shot in place can do wonders for you in long run and ensure that your website is not generic.

(photo: Photographer, selective focus from Shutterstock)


  1. Avatar Tom Stubbs says:

    Excellent article, although I do find it funny that a stock photo was used in an article about the importance of using custom photography for a law firm’s website.

  2. Avatar Joshua Baron says:

    You are absolutely right that the purpose of most law firm websites should be to convey an emotional message. Custom photography can make a huge difference.

  3. Avatar Adrianne says:

    I’m a solo attorney. I’ve been contemplating hiring an professional photographer to do a picture of me for my website, but I’m not sure how else a professional would be useful versus stock photos.

  4. Avatar Susan Gainen says:

    Karin is correct. Anything that you can do to distinguish your website from the jillions of law firm websites that are launched every minute is, if tasteful, a good thing.

    Should you use a stock photo, you run the risk of having a locally-competitive firm using the same one. This has the same cringe-inducing potential as showing up to the prom in a dress worn by three other high school juniors.

    Find a photographer.

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