You can help the victims, survivors, and others affected by the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando by donating to the organizations helping them directly.

Equality Florida, which provides education about LGBTQ issues and advocates for equal rights for Florida’s LGBTQ community, set up a GoFundMe campaign to support the victims and families. (Be wary of other GoFundMe campaigns and avoid the usual raft of Twitter and Facebook scams.)

Donate Now

Zebra Coalition and The Center Orlando are offering grief counseling services and could certainly use money to support their work.

Blood banks in the area are full, but if you are in or near Orlando you should return in a few days. And since sexually active gay men can’t donate, others need to.

Remember that one-time donations are helpful, but only temporarily. Consider making an ongoing contribution if you can. Equality Florida, for example, offers a “Sustaining gift” option to commit to monthly or quarterly payments indefinitely or for up to one year. Ongoing contributions allow an organization to make budget decisions and do more good going forward, not just temporarily.

Thank you for helping.

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