If you’ve been wondering when your chance to work on compiling amendments to the United States Constitution would come along, wait no more. Tomorrow, Friday July 27, you can participate in a Wikipedia Meetup/Edit-a-thon and work on improving Wikipedia entries related to proposed constitutional amendments.

In case you’re worried, the event isn’t being hosted by some randos from the internet that are looking to take over Wikipedia’s Constitutional amendment section. The Innovation Hub, which is a project of the National Archives. The National Archives has an initiative, “Amending America,” where it has gathered more than 11,000 proposed Constitutional amendments in a downloadable dataset.

The event, if you are out in DC and could attend in person, is tomorrow at the National Archives building from 10 am to 5 pm. The Innovation Hub will provide an editing tutorial (which will be available online when the event goes live) and a presentation from the Law Library of Congress before the edit-a-thon kicks off. If you want to participate remotely, you need to create a Wikipedia username (or use your existing one) and check in here tomorrow.

One of the specific goals of the project is to get inexperienced editors comfortable with editing Wikipedia, so if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do that, this is a great starting point. They have a list of pages that either need editing or need to be created. You could help update the page on the proposed school prayer amendment or update Wikipedia’s entry on duels to reflect the proposed amendment from 1838 that would have barred duel participants from holding any federal office. Wikipedia’s list of proposed Constitutional amendments is here, and that needs updating too because it doesn’t have anything close to 11,000 entries.

If you’re a Wikipedia nerd, a Constitution nerd, or both or if you just aspire to be, this is an excellent opportunity to get your feet wet with Wikipedia and participate in compiling the history of the United States. There are worse ways to spend your Friday.

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