handling client stressEvery practicing lawyer can handle stress—some better than others. The worst stress, however, comes when you least expect it and are least prepared for it. When the sky starts falling, take a deep breath and try a couple of these techniques to take charge of the situation.

Do some legal triage—whichever client has the most urgent need, help them first. The most urgent need for help is also probably the most stressful—taking care of it first will help clear your mind for less urgent emergencies.

Put yourself in prime position to tackle the emergencies by clearing your calendar of all unnecessary events—like lunch plans with your buddy. Anything that has a deadline after today can wait. Pushing work back stinks, but fixing problems immediately is a great feeling (and why lawyers do what they do).

Unless you communicate with your clients via email, turn off your email. There is bound to be something in there that will distract you from the task at hand. As great as Borders Books coupons are, they will not help your client right now.

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed When Every Client Needs Something ASAP | Web Worker Daily

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