I have joined Lawyerist full-time after a great four-year stint overseeing all of the online member services for the Minnesota State Bar Association. Prior to that, I was in private practice for thirteen years, almost always as a small firm attorney, though for a few years as a staff attorney with Legal Aid. I’ve done a lot of other stuff (including being a father to two kids; the most challenging of all) and this latest move to Lawyerist is a perfect fit. Except I don’t yet have a title. Maybe you can help figure that out.

I’ll primarily be overseeing the continued growth of Lawyerist LAB, where my practice experience, member service, and product development skills will come in handy. So look for the LAB to grow and change in the near future. And I’m open to any ideas for the LAB, including nutty ones if you have them. As a business partner with Sam and Aaron (whom I jokingly call “the two dudes”), I’ll also pitch in with whatever Lawyerist needs, from posting on occasion, dabbling with Bitter Lawyer, and strategizing about what we can do to help lawyers in building their practices.

For now, you’ll hear from me each Sunday as I highlight what’s going on in the LAB and what’s coming up in the near future. I tend to slide into humor (I founded and continue to write forĀ Big Legal Brain), but I’m always serious about what I can do to help lawyers understand technology and make their practices a bit easier to manage.

A title? Cheetoh Trader? Supermayor? Resident Third Dude? You decide.


  1. Welcome to Lawyerist, Greg! So glad you are here!

  2. title: Big Kahuna? 400 lb. Gorilla? Senior Vice President of the Department of Redundancy Department?

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