Graham Martin

I am an attorney in Minneapolis focusing on contracts, and am currently trying to delve into the construction industry and foreclosure defense work. I’m currently attempting to build a practice that involves equal parts litigation and transactional work, because without variety I quickly wither and die.

I graduated from the University of St. Thomas School of Law in 2007, and subsequently worked in some less-than-desirable contract attorney positions before hanging my own shingle and opening up shop as Martin Legal Services, LLC at the beginning of 2010. Prior to law school, I received my Masters Degree in Philosophy (focusing on moral philosophy) from Boston University.

In addition to my new and exciting work as a contributor to Lawyerist, I am also the progenitor of Pro and Contracts, a blog focusing on contract-related ideas and situations, geared toward the lay-consumer.

I look forward to adding some of my own experiences in starting up my own practice in a down economy, with the hope that it can help Lawyerist’s readers.

2 responses to “Graham Martin, Lawyerist Contributor”

  1. Vanessa Cruz says:

    Congratulations fellow Tommie. (St.Thomas Law 2012) You’re an inspiration. That is a very good looking and informative blog.

  2. Graham Martin says:

    Thanks, Vanessa! That’s nice of you.

    If you ever need to talk to anyone about practicing or law school considerations, let me know. I would be glad to chat or have coffee sometime. You can contact me through my law firm website:

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